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chapelle in Zechovice The area around the Bohemian Forest (in Czech „Pošumaví“) is an area of beauty, which offers distinctive characters, picturesque scenery, and architecture (e.g. Silesian baroque), village chappels, crucifiction columns, crosses, and natural sights. Volyně, which is often referred to as the „gateway“ to the Bohemian Forest is the ideal base for exploring towns, villages, forests and other interesting sights.

pohled na Boubín Volyně is a great base from where to begin trips to the Bohemian Forest – an area with exceptional environmental value, which has not been spoiled by civilisation. Národní park Šumava was classified as a national park in 1991. We can visit the rezervations - Boubínský prales , Bílá strž, Černé a Čertovo jezero or the reservation - Hamižná mountain, Milešický forest, or the environmentally important - Lipka, Svatý Tomáš, Velké bahno, Poušť, Malý Polec and others. National Park(NP) Šumava, CHKO Šumava a NP Bavarian Forest create a unique environmental entity, which UNESCO classified in 1990 as a biosphere reservation.

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